Paella is the new barbecue. Perfect for those long summer evenings spent outside socialising with family and friends or indeed indoors on chilli winter evenings! "¡Buen provecho!"

Paella is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Now you can create your own mouth-watering meal using authentic Spanish equipment. We stock all you will need in order to do this from brands including Vaello Campus.

Our huge assortment of paella pans meets the needs of every type of cook. Each style has its advantages, but all the pans share these common traits: they can be used on a gas or charcoal grill or on our gas burners. They are shallow and have sloping sides, which helps the rice cook evenly and develops more intense flavor. As the pans get larger, they grow in diameter rather than depth, which allows for more socarrat (the rice that gets crunchy and forms a crust at the bottom of the pan). And like all authentic paella pans, they do not have matching lids (since paella is traditionally cooked in an open pan). We also have a range suitable for use on induction hobs.

  • Paella steel pans
  • Paella induction pans
  • Set: Paella pan, single or double gas burner on 3 legs
  • Paella skimmer
  • Wooden stirring spoons
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